About us

Unicenter Corp, based in Miami Florida, is an efficient and expanding wholesale distributor of consumer electronics, computers and computer parts of the latest technology to the mainstream consumer electronics  market. We offer retailers, dealers and final clients the hottest products and the widest selection of wholesale electronics and computers on the market to date.

Unicenter Corp was founded in 1997 as a global provider of new and refurbished consumer electronics and computer products.  Unicenter Corp is headquartered in Miami, Florida, with 3 facilities spanning the globe.

We want to satisfy your technology needs at the best market prices. 

How to contact us:

Please include your complete information as applicable when contacting us so that we can respond as quickly and accurately as possible. You can contact us via:

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Call us: (786) 367 2462

Email: unicentercorp@gmail.com

Corporate Offices

Monday to Friday from 10:00AM to 5:00PM EST

6919 W 72 Ave

Doral, FL, 33166


Where we're located:

Our offices, call center and main warehouse are located in Miami, Florida. We can ship to customers throughout the United States and most countries of the world.

Consult us for our services door to door to some Latin American countries.